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Dave came to us as a temporary foster on November 25, 2011

Rescue picked him up from a shelter.  The shelter had received a call that this boxer had been dumped from a SUV so the shelter went to pick him up.  It appeared that he had a long time injury to his hip that would require a hip replacement.  He was not using the left rear leg.  Instead though we found that they could do a femoral head replacement.  We had that done on November 22.  He is staying with us for two weeks until he has stabilized enough to be able to climb the number of stairs that the foster home has.  He evidently has been on the loose for a while as he is very thin. 

Pictures posted 12/3/2011
Dave's last day at our house - going to his permanent foster home today

Sleeping peacefully

This look says it all :-)

Watching for "dad"

Steve wanted to have a picture of him and Dave - the second picture is Dave giving "dad" kisses

Shelley trying to hold Dave still for a picture.  Dave is such a sweet boy I think Shelley is going to fall in love with him.

Pictures posted 11/26.2011
Uno & Dave "playing" through the crate.

Dave thinking that Uno is pretty silly

Uno - ever the ham

Play bow :-)

I think they just got done playing kissy face.

Pictures posted 11/25/2011



Graphic by George Dockter




Sandy & Steve Orr
Omaha, NE