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Ch. Orrkid's Cherry Bomb
(Ch. Barisle's Special Premium ex Marburl's Oracle of Orrkid)
7/8/87 - 7/26/96

Dot was my once in a lifetime boxer.  Was she the perfect boxer?  No.  She was my special girl.  We had a rapport I have never had with another boxer.  She didn't need to be taught how to show - she already knew.  The first time I put her up on a grooming table to stack her, she planted all fours and set herself up - I didn't have to touch her.  One of my friends joked with me that the reason I kept Dot is because she came out stacked :-).

Dot was a smaller bitch - 21 inches tall - the minimum for the standard at the time.  I was concerned about her height but it didn't seem to deter her.

Our first fun match, Dot won BOB and Group 2.  She and her sister, Dinah, competed against each other at most all of the shows and took turns going one and two in the classes for a period of time.   Dot finished in 20 shows with four majors including two BOB over specials and a Group 3 placement (from the puppy classes). She was nearly 14 months old.  She was breeder/owner handled to all of those wins.

I specialed Dot for two years - mainly at area shows. During that time she garnered two Group 1s (one of which she was strongly considered for BIS), two Group 2s, one Group 3 and a Group 4 along with several BOB.  The Working Group at this time included all working and herding breeds - there was some tough competition out there. Again, this was all breeder/owner handled.  She loved the Group ring. 

At home, she was a wonderful pet.  We took a basic obedience class which she did not pass because she wouldn't stay across the room until I called her :-).  She was definitely a "mama's girl".


In late 1989, we bred Dot to Ch. Wesan's Nordic Prince.  This litter, born February 17, 1990, consisted of two plain bitches and three flashy dogs. Of the three flashy dogs, one was a cryptorchid, one a monorchid and the one with all of his equipment didn't have a good boxer head. None were shown but all went to loving pet homes. Dot was spayed when she developed pyometra a year after this litter.

Dot was an ambassador for the breed. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She was even in a fashion show that one of the hospitals sponsors as a fund raiser in September of 1995.  They video taped the event and gave each of us who supplied dogs for the show a copy. Click here for a link to a video of her "scene" - there are other dogs in the show but she is the only boxer.

In March of 1996, Dot was diagnosed with lymphoma and the prognosis was 3 to 4 weeks. We gave her meds to keep her comfortable and she did live for about 4 more months. We celebrated her 9th birthday in style and when she couldn't keep food down anymore, I knew it was time to let her go.

She was the love of my life and I miss her still.


















Sandy & Steve Orr
Omaha, NE